Google asks viewers to “skip ad”

Google keeps viewers watching through seven-and-a-half minutes of advertisement, using nothing more than animation and reverse psychology: SKIP AD. The video is Google’s pre-roll ad for Android, featuring more than 100 of Android’s animated characters.

The result? A toungue-in-cheek visual extravaganza. The longer the pre-roll ad is watched without pressing “skip ad”, the more outrageous the animation becomes, culminating in an entertainingly colourful, climatic ending.

Flight Centre has climbed on board with a fresh pre-roll ad strategy, where they directly speak to viewers and ask “What if you didn’t skip this ad?”. Before you know it, the 15 second ad has finished in full (you didn’t “skip ad”, as asked), and the video you really came to watch is about to start. Oh, and you feel like travelling.

The moral of the story? Dare to stand out from the ad crowd. Try something different while imparting value to your target audience.



While you’re here, remember to comply with Google’s update: http://ow.ly/Lzu9t

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