SEO & SEM Strategy

SEO- Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing

Combining organic search, search advertising and social, media marketing to create effective digital campaigns.

Offering two decades of experience & intimate knowledge of search algorithms.

Advantages of SEO & SEM:

  • Local, state, national or global reach
  • Fast response and turnaround time
  • Quality leads
  • Increased enquiries and conversions
  • Measurable results with reporting
  • Increased profit
  • Revenue growth
  • High return on investments

We follow new technologies and change our strategies accordingly. Google is the biggest player in the market so we spend much of our time working on optimising your website presence and social brand for Google Algorithms, however we also apply several hundred additional online marketing strategies including Microsoft, industry portals and publicity.

A holistic approach to SEO and Online Marketing

SEO Services

  • Website and content optimisation
  • Image and video optimisation
  • News and blog optimisation
  • FAQ, press and articles
  • Google Local Maps
  • Google Analytics and verification
  • Social Media Integration.
  • SEO & SEM Reporting
  • Server and CDN site speed optimisation
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