• Real World VR – Ballarat

Real World VR – Ballarat

We took Real World VR to Ballarat on October and discovered regional areas are keen to embrace new technologies.

The Real World VR event in Ballarat was a first for their community. Over 75 people turned up including youth to hear from four panelists talk about XR-AR/VR/MR, virtual economies and blockchain. The demo room was incredible, The Ballarat Tech School have 26 rifts, three Vives/Hololens, 3D printers, robots and more for year 9 to year 12 students to play with!! Wow the future is very bright.

Organisers: Leah Bunny & Emily Harridge
Panelists: Casey Thomas Dark Shadow Studios – DSS, Rhan Cook Oasis VR, Emily Harridge, Ryan Pow Staples VR
Supported by Film Victoria & The Ballarat Tech School

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