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About the Project

In 1995, OshKosh B’Gosh celebrated their 100-year anniversary, and in 1998, was named among the worlds twenty most recognised brands known for their quality, named 7th among Kodak, Mercedes Benz, Levis, Disney World, Waterford Crystal and Fisher Price Toys.

Our work

We re-structured the website design to:

  • Enhance user experience and increase product features
  • Support our custom-built ERP / POS system
  • Support our custom-built loyalty program

We created a custom-built ERP / POS system to seamlessly integrate OshKosh’s data and ERP operations both in-store and online. This technology allows OshKosh access to real-time data including:

  • Product stock levels and availability
  • Online and in-store orders
  • Pricing and invoicing
  • Customer data for OshKosh Loyalty Program

We also advised OshKosh for social media set up, strategy and training.

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