• Facebook Trial: Content Creators to Benefit from Video Ads

Facebook Trial: Content Creators to Benefit from Video Ads

Facebook is trialling video ads revenue sharing with brands and agencies

Revenue sharing is coming up strong with social video ads.

Similarly to YouTube, Facebook is trialling practices that share revenue generated from video ads with video content creators.

Facebook has confirmed that it is testing this practise with a select group of iPhone users in the USA, with Facebook keeping 45% if the income and sharing the remaining 55%. This trial relates to ads appearing in the “suggested videos” feed, with allocations divided up based on the amount of time that is spend watching each partner’s video.

What are “suggested videos”?

Suggested videos are related to videos that may be currently being watched. Videos are “related” if they’re under the same topic or by similar publishers.

When a social user taps on a video from Facebook’s news feed, related video suggestions may be made if Facebook thinks that the user will also enjoy the related video. As the social user scrolls, the video starts playing.

Suggested videos help social users discover similar videos to the ones they enjoy (have watched).

Facebook will be running a monetisation test where it will show feed-style video ads – it is from these video ads via suggested videos that Facebook will look to share revenue with the video content creators.

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