Don’t Get Lost in Translation with Google Translate

No Polish? No Problem! Google Translate Interprets 20x Languages for Your Communication Enjoyment

Google Translate acquired Word Lens, an application that provided real time translations on your iOS device.

Gone are the days when you’re left wandering around a foreign supermarket, picking up what you think is cows milk, tinned tomatoes and chicken breast. Google Translate interprets the text of 2o languages with your smart phone camera!

How does Google Translate work for you?

Google Translate interprets foreign words when you simply point your camera at the words. Otario, the creator of Word Lens, spent two and a half years with other developers, working on the prototype before it was acquired by Google. The result? Easy travelling and communication with your smart phone!

How does the Google Translate technology work?

Simply point your camera at the text you want to translate. The image is sensed and processed, where soft shadows are removed, and processing continues until everything but for the text is filtered out. The threshold image is text in black and white “blobs”.

Next, the text is classified according to which letter it’s believed to be, and then given a “confidence rating”, allowing the letters and words to be looked up in a dictionary.

The originally text is blanked out with white space, allowing Google Translate to display the new, interpreted text to be overlaid to the foreground.

Translation displayed and complete!

Is your language on Google Translate?

  1. English
  2. Swedish
  3. Polish
  4. Romanian
  5. Turkish
  6. Philippino
  7. Croatian
  8. Finnish
  9. Indonesian
  10. Thai
  11. Dutch
  12. Hungarian
  13. Czech
  14. Bulgarian
  15. Danish
  16. Slovak
  17. Catalan
  18. Lithuanian
  19. Norwegian
  20. Hindi

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