• Branding and Online Marketing with Apple Music

Branding and Online Marketing with Apple Music

Apple Music: rich opportunity for branding and online marketing

How is your branding and online marketing strategy going to make the most of Apple Music?

With Apple Music set to launch on Tuesday 30 June, read on to understand how your brand may reap the rich connection opportunities with Apple Music’s intention to revolutionise the online music streaming industry.

What might differentiate successful brands from the unsuccessful?

Enhance the consumer experience in music streaming.

Success for brands may lie in their ability to enhance the consumer experience, not by interrupting it.

1,000 Australians aged between 18 and 34 years were surveyed, and it was found that:

  • 65% intended to try Apple Music
  • 43% are non-users of a music streaming device
  • 40% of non-users indicated they would try Apple Music

These insights reveal a real connection opportunity between brands and music streaming users. The fast-approaching entry of Apple Music in the Australian music industry is set to revolutionise how brands connect with users.

So, how does your brand connect with your target market online?

By being innovative and dynamic.

How do you do this? We specialise in branding and online marketing, from strategy to execution, we are experienced in effective campaigns to help achieve your objectives.

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